Americans: Your UK Acting Career Step 2

You've found a way to stay in the UK, now what?


Where to Stay
If you're staying in London, you first need to decide in which part you want to base yourself. Of course if you're going to be studying or working at the same place most of the time, try to find housing nearby. Otherwise:

1. Choose an Area of London - The city is large and diverse with many sub-regions, each with its own distinct charm. It doesn't matter which you choose as long as you can reach the center of town in a reasonable amount of time, i.e. zone 1 or 2 (view zone maps). One way to familiarize yourself with the city is to look at the Tube map (link above), go to Google and research a stop e.g. Oxford Circus or Notting Hill. Also, get yourself a portable street map. I use London A-Z (that's A-"Zed" not Zee) religiously. As you navigate your way around the winding and often confusing streets of London, it will become your trusty friend.

2. Convenience to public transport - If you won't have a car make sure your place is within walking distance to Underground stations, bus stops, or National Rail stations. Visit Transport for London for more info.

Types of accommodation

1. Student Housing - If you're coming via a study abroad program or if you'll be attending a British drama school, most likely your program will help you find housing. If not, try here: International Students House (where I stayed as a student).

2. Stay with Friends or Relatives - Clearly the cheapest way to stay! London is expensive and if you can save the cost of renting, all the better.

3. Rent a House or Flat - This is best done once you arrive in the UK. You'll want to check out the place in person. The most economical is to find people to share with (room or flat share). Try these publications first: Timeout London Classifieds (comes out on Thursdays) and Loot. NOTE: prices are often shown per week rather than per month!


Unknown said…
What do you think about living outside of London? Is it do-able at all? Public transport there is much better than here in the States, which is why I'd consider it... but it might be too difficult for frequent auditions, etc. Thought I'd get your take on that. :)

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