Actors Centre - Chrys Salt

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Chrys Salt teaches both I Was Brilliant in the Bedroom: Workshop and Showcase and How to Make a Showreel at the Actors Centre. In both classes Chrys gave us a wealth of practical information on how to get work as an actor in London.

At the time I didn't realize that she's written a sizeable collection of great books for actors. Some students in the showcase class had trouble finding an appropriate monologue to match their type & ability, and Chrys was remarkable at finding just the right one to suit each person. Often they came from one of her contemporary monologue books and sometimes from her huge pile of speeches on tattered A4, some looking like antiques from the pre-PC era.

Most recently she's compiled two collections of Classical Monologues, one for men and one for women. Not only do you get a wide variety of great speeches, including lesser known ones, but also useful commentary to help you put the piece in context. Good luck.


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