New American plays in London

Enough of this waiting around for work to come to me. I must create my own. And the type of work I want to do has been staring me in the face since I arrived. What am I? Well, many things, but among them - An American expat. Where have I come from, what do I know, what do I indentify with, what is the thing that makes me different, makes me foreign? It all comes back to America, FUCK YEAH! (to quote Trey Parker).

To begin, I'm planning a fully produced evening of new American writing. Perhaps two hot one-acts straight from the Humana Festival or something similar. The UK or European premiere! I'm in the process of reading plays, trying to find one that, as songwriter Martha Tilston's sister would say, "makes me fizz." (And speaking of which, I just went to Martha's concert at Scala in London on Monday and she was fantastic.) The challenge: find the piece(s), the venue, the director(s), the actor(s). The goal: create an unforgettable evening of top notch acting, high production values and exciting new writing that people will come to see!


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