CAT'S-PAW opens 11 June!

Our first preview is on Monday, 11 June! I can't believe it has come already. I've spent the day flyering all over Islington. My feet are sore and my hands are dirty from the flyer ink. But I hope it will be worth it - we're hoping to fill the 110 seat house as often as possible!

The show has come a long way since our first read-through in early May. All four of us in the cast have scrupulously researched the topics in the play, and of course those that directly relate to our character. As I play a high profile American journalist, I've spent hours on watching American female reporters do their thing - the late Jessica Savitch (who resembles my character most), Ann Curry, Lara Logan, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, etc. It's been really interesting discovering how the journalistic mind works, how you're always on the look out for the next big story. The interviewing technique has been fun to learn - trying to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity (however false) so that the interviewee opens up and spills the beans. I've especially enjoyed finding moments in the script when Jessica switches between her on-camera and off-camera personality.

Anyway, it's now 11:20pm and I must put the play to bed for the night, only to start again tomorrow at 9am for our final tech/dress rehearsal.


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