Cat's-Paw Is Back

After a successful run this summer, Cat’s-Paw is back – this time in an evening slot. From now until November 4, 2007 I’ll be appearing again as Jessica Lyons in Cat’s-Paw by William Mastrosimone at The King’s Head Theatre, Islington. Richard Sandells and Siri Steinmo have joined the cast as David Darling and Cathy, respectively.

We opened on September 25, and that same week Time Out re-ran the 5 star review from our previous run. "This smart, gripping play... is rigorously intelligent and scapel sharp." (TO) We were pleasantly surprised when we sold out last night – our first Saturday evening performance! Hopefully this is a sign of good houses to come. Reviews from press night are meant to come out this week. Looking out for The Times and The Evening Standard.
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