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I have just broken into this fast-growing market. It turns out there are loads of games made in the UK that need North American voices! I recently voiced characters in Belief & Betrayal (release date: March 25, 2008) and Worldshift, and this week I'll be recording the voice of Mondra Diamond in the science fiction adventure game, Perry Rhodan. Not only are the jobs well paid, but they're also fantastic fun and a short time commitment so you can fit them in between other jobs. You get to stand in front of a mic and play for hours!

As I understand, many of these games are initially made in Germany. Once the game is successful, the developers want to re-voice the game for the significantly larger English-speaking markets like the USA and the UK.

All of my recent jobs have come from the excellent voice production company, Outsource Media. They have studios in the UK (London & Sheffield) and the USA (LA), and are known for producing top notch voice performances.


Anonymous said…
hi there,

my name is aaron and i am an american actor who is just leaving drama school in liverpool. what casting director should i write to for this type of work? i am moving to london very soon, so it would be very cool to get into that sort of work! thanks!

Kosha Engler said…
I'd write directly to Mark Estdale at Outsource Media. He handles all the casting.

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