Moon Shot

I am playing Pat Collins, wife of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, in Moon Shot by BAFTA nominated writer Tony Basgallop (Hotel Babylon). Directed by Emmy winner Richard Dale (9/11: The Twin Towers) for Dangerous Films and ITV, Moon Shot is a feature length factual drama celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. It shoots in Lithuania in June and is due to broadcast on ITV1 and the History Channel in 2009. Visit the Dangerous Films website for details. Casting by Julie Harkin and Suzanne Smith.

Principal cast:
Neil Armstrong - Daniel Lapaine
Buzz Aldrin - James Marsters
Michael Collins - Andrew Lincoln
Janet Armstrong - Anna Maxwell Martin
Pat Collins - Kosha Engler
Joan Aldrin - Kelli Kerslake
Al Shepherd - Trevor White
Gene Aldrin - Michael J Reynolds
Bill Anders - Ian Porter
Frank Boreman - Martin McDougall
Tom Stafford - Richard Dillane
Faye Stafford - Jennifer Woodward
Marilyn Lovell - Ursula Burton
Deke Slayton - Nigel Whitmey
Chris Kraft - Colin Stinton


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Those of us who are James Marsters fans are very excited about this movie. Are you looking forward to it? Let's just hope they don't stick you with a big bouffont hairdo. :)
Kosha Engler said…
Thank you. Just met James and the actors playing Armstrong and Collins last night at the 'warming up' party in Vilnius, Lithuania. All lovely. We start shooting on Monday and I'm totally psyched. Today production has organized a trip to Trakai for a walk and lunch around a medieval castle. But I'm afraid I will be bouffant-ed up :)
Anonymous said…
Best of luck with the shoot and the movie! We are looking forward to seeing the finished product next year; very exciting!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, you're really kind, I'm a big fan of James Marsters and I'm really curious to see this movie so now I'm reading all the news about this project ^^, it seems interesting ^^
Did you like Trakai?
Please say "Hi" to James from me and good luck!!!
Silvia said…
Very interesting project, I can't wait for to see this movie, good work to all and thanks Kosha for sharing information.
James on the moon very cool, good luck ;)

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