Moon Shot - A Success

After some glorious weeks in Vilnius, Lithuania (and many cans of hairspray), I have finished filming for Moon Shot. At the wrap party we watched a 25 minute sampler of some of roughly edited scenes and it looks great! Very much looking forward to seeing the finished product in early 2009.

This was such a fun project to work on and everyone involved - cast, crew, producers, director - was fantastic. I especially enjoyed meeting and acting with so many new people, many of them North Americans.

Some highlights: riding Segways through Old Town, going to an impromptu Bob Dylan concert, rowing in Trakai lake, wearing vintage 60's gear, Lithuanian karaoke, many mojitos, visiting baroque cathedrals, Thai massage, bowling with the cast, and many fine meals.

I will publish broadcast details as soon as I know them.


Anonymous said…
Just swinging by to say how gorgeous you look in that picture. The 60s look suits you very much :D

Glad to hear to had a good time filming over in Lithuania.

Looking forward to the movie.

So long

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