iPhone 3G

Today I have spent 8 hours playing with my new iPhone. It is a technological wonder and I'm finding it difficult to rip myself away from it even to write this entry. But I feel I must spread the word to those who may be converted. Thank you Mr. Jobs (left).

Not only is it sleek and beautiful - the packaging, physical design and the GUI - but it is hugely intuitive and easy to use. And so incredibly useful. But most of all it is the first phone I've owned that is made to sync perfectly with my Mac machines. Finally I can view my calendar, address book and emails on my home computer, my phone and online and edit from anywhere. Amazing. I love it.


Anonymous said…
Hey just wondered if you wanted to do a blogroll swap??
I'm a british actress in London http://actressinlondon.blogspot.com/
I've added you to mine let me know.

AIL xx
AAGIL said…
I couldn't agree more about the iPhone. It got mine in April and it has streamlined my life.

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