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The holidays are upon us, and with it the task of gift buying. We usually know what to get our partners and close family, but what about the others - friends you see less frequently, acquaintances, colleagues or industry contacts? You probably don't want to spend a lot, but would like to send a gesture gift - a 'thought' as it were.

I've recently discovered a fabulous new website called that's perfect for those little thoughtful gifts. Although small and large items are available, the Little Thoughts are particularly useful as they're fun, affordable gifts that come beautifully wrapped and fit through a standard UK letter box.

Photo Thoughts are also on offer, whereupon you choose a frame and upload your photo. Send a Thought prints the photo, frames and wraps it, then posts it. Brilliant.

If you want to give a more substantial gift, there are Thoughtful Boxes. They come ready-made for every occasion (including Christmas) and are filled with lovely goodies that are sure to please. You can also make your own if you're feeling creative.

I've had a few thoughts for gift ideas this Christmas:
Agent, Director, Casting Director - 2009 Leather Diary
Boss - Champagne Truffles
Work Friend - Chocolate Snowman
Friend you don't see often enough - Forget-me-not Garden
Someone with a winter cold - Chocolate Pills
Friend who threw a great holiday party - Jotter with Pencil
Friend you said inappropriate things to at a holiday party - Sorry Book

Happy gift giving!


Anonymous said…
is there work for kids in London we live in the US but go to England reg. as I was born in UK & my kids can work in either place. Going to LA for pilot season seems like a nightmare?

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