Store for Americans in the UK

Introducing my new online store, created specifically for you, my blog readers. I've spent the last few weeks choosing the bestselling, most relevant and highly rated items from Amazon for American Anglophiles, expats, actors and writers.

There's a USA store for readers contemplating a move across the pond, and a UK store for those of you who've recently arrived.

When I first moved to London, it was hard to adjust - new place, new culture, new English, new climate, new everything. So for the store I chose a whole range of stuff - books, DVDs, software, gadgets, games, clothes and things for the home - that will make your transition to living in the UK a littler easier. I own most of the items and can vouch for their quality/usefulness, and what I don't own I'd like to.

Start shopping now. Click on any item and get all the details including customer reviews and suggestions of similar items.


Anonymous said…
This is amazing resource! I've only heard of one of these books.

Now only if someone would publish a book specifically on being an actor in London, for foreigners..... Maybe that's next for you!
ep417 said…
Hey Kosh: Scott Sophos here. One thing I bought that might be good for the list is a region free dvd player, Just found out about the blog from JJP's blog, wish I had known about it sooner, look forward to reading through it. Would love to get together soon, he said after two years in Essex.

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