Accent Coaching for Actors

In my effort to perfect my British RP (Received Pronunciation), I have stumbled upon a seemingly excellent website called The Voice Cafe at

It looks like it'll be particularly useful for actors who have auditions at short notice and need quick access to recordings of English accents from Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand.

For each accent there are several monologues with phonetic breakdowns, simple vowels, diphthongs, and word linking patterns with consonants and vowel sounds. There's also a self-study e-learning zone or one to one tuition offered online via Skype video. Brilliant!

The accents include male and female recordings of:
- London-Cockney
- standard R.P. & conservative R.P.
- Scotland - Glasgow & Edinburgh
- London area
- Northern Irish
- Newcastle/Geordie
- Liverpool/Scouse
- Manchester/Mancunian
- South Wales
- Southern
- General, Midwest & West Coast
- North East Coast
- Deep South
New Zealand
South African

There are some free areas of the site, but for full access you need to pay a reasonable fee - 1 month $15 USD, 3 months $28 USD, 6 months $50 USD, 1 year $80 USD.


Elsa Richardson said…
My apologies if this is ends up being a repeat. I didn't see that my comment was posted from an earlier post.

I've been reading your blog and I would like to move to England to pursue acting one day. I got my BFA last spring. I'm hoping to take the drama school route going for graduate training in the next few years to make my beginnings when I move to England. It seems that getting a student visa is relatively easy to obtain. But upon graduation from said training would the process of getting a work visa be any easier? Any suggestions or thoughts?

My e-mail is:

P.S. Thank you so much for starting this blog. It's nice to see that there are others out there who want and have done the same thing.

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