Leave to Enter - TV Show

First, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yanks reading this.
Now, today I've got an excellent treat for you. I had the pleasure of working with the funny and talented Sean McConaghy while doing Women of Manhattan at the Old Red Lion. He is, like me, an American actor living in London. We got to talking during rehearsal and I asked what else he was working on and he said he was writing and starring in his own web-based TV show called Leave to Enter. Wow, I thought. That's proactive. Sure beats waiting for work to come to you. So he sent me the link, I watched episode 1 "Be Agreeable" and thought it was great.

I highly recommend you watch it, so here's the low down:

The website: www.leavetoenter.com

The plot: Leave To Enter is the hilarious, new web-based TV show following the adventures of Sean McCaffrey, an Irish-American living in London, unsure if he's allowed to be in the country or not. While trying to make it as a chef, he's generally trying to get out of whatever trouble he's got himself into on that particular day. Helping (or hindering) his efforts are his Irish girlfriend Donnla, her combative sister Marie, Londoner Will and his Icelandic sidekick Mel, the “famous” Ben Aldridge and a whole swathe of friends from all walks of life.

Have fun watching and if you enjoy it, spread the word!


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