Back on the case

Hey everybody,

Well it's been over a year since my last entry but I'm officially back on the case. Absence due to 6 months of touring the UK then Blogger migration issues, which I have finally sorted out.

I've received quite a few questions from you all since I've been away and I plan to answer them all here on the blog. Apologies for the delay.

If you have any new questions about being a North American in the UK - send 'em on over!

My news since that last entry in January 2010, if you wanna know:

The When Harry Met Sally tour was great fun and it was fantastic to perform in so many different theatres across the country. We finished in Dublin this past July.

I'll be appearing as Dr. Becky Davis in Mermaids: A Body Found, a one off TV drama produced by Darlow Smithson, airing on Animal Planet in May 2011.

I've voiced some new video games: Elements of War, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Driver: San Francisco.

I'm in negotiations with a new voice over agent; details to follow.

That's it for now - more posts coming soon.


Ariel Vasquez said…
Mermaids aired at Mexico on 3/19 - Animal Planet, I loved it! You look fantastic!

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