Baby, Voiceovers & Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Once again it's been months since last post.  The excuse this time? A brand new baby boy. Cornelius Xan Brandreth, born 7th July.  (He is mine by the way, I didn't just find a baby so I could use him as an excuse not to blog. That would be quite an effort just to avoid writing.) He came two weeks early and he's now  six weeks old and healthy.  He is that same baby boy who had his London stage debut while still in the womb back in May.  I specifically wrote Judgment Day for SHORTS at the Landor Theatre so I could play a pregnant angel. (I didn't get pregnant just to have a believable bump on stage. That would be quite an effort just for some verisimilitude).  Motherhood is going well and is predictably tiring yet exciting. According to he'll be smiling in two weeks. Good times.

The other good news is that Hobsons are now looking after me for voiceover work. I signed with them back in March 2011, as they were looking for more Americans.  Apparently there is a growing market for us Yanks. And - perfect for new moms - for most VO jobs there's no audition; clients just listen to your demo. So if I get work, I just turn up on the day.  In fact I had a job booked for 7th July from 3-4pm and I thought, 'I'm not due until the 20th. What is the likelihood I'll give birth during that hour on that day?' And at 11am on the 7th my husband had to phone Hobsons to say, "I'm terribly sorry, but Kosha won't be able to make the job today. I think she's about to move into second stage labour." Turns out that is a totally acceptable reason to bail on a job.  But I did need to send baby pictures after.

And that brings us to today. Little Cornelius and I are up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival as my husband, Benet Brandreth, is starring in his one-man show The Brandreth Papers.  It began at Tall Tales in Kilburn, a night of comic stories and songs run by the talented writer Robert Hudson.  (Incidentally, Tall Tales now has its own monthly podcast at

I am pleased to report that The Brandreth Papers is a five-star hit, an official Scotsman 'Hot Show' and is now regularly selling out.  The Daily Telegraph says, "Benet Brandreth ... is on fine, dinner-jacketed form in this delightfully surreal series of tall tales, taking in his (imagined) time as a Hollywood hunk, feted conceptual artist, and rescuer of the Duke of Edinburgh from a most invidious fate." If you're at the festival, you can book tickets to see it at 6pm at the Gilded Balloon Teviot until 29th August.

North Americans - the festival is an excellent way to get your work seen - whether you're writing and/or acting. Yes it's expensive, competitive, the weather is crap and on some days you may play to an audience smaller than your cast BUT Edinburgh is a fantastic city to explore and if you do well and get some glowing reviews... well who knows.  All I can say is that lots of current hot actors and comedians get their start here. Visit for more details.


Angela said…
Congratulations on the baby!
saman said…
very nice post for us. very great. i wish you
Anonymous said…

I know you haven't written anything for a while so I hope you're still checking this blog!! I'm sure the new baby is keeping you VERY busy - congrats by the way :)

Just had a quick question. I'm sure this isn't the best place to write it but I can't find an email link.

I'm a British actress living in LA. I only really started acting when I moved to the States 15 years ago (although I did one movie in the UK) I want to move back to London next year for various personal reasons but would like to continue being a working actor.

I work constantly in LA with commercials being my primary source of income. Do you think it's possible to be a working actress in London WITHOUT having to get a "normal" job? I know they don't pay their actors as much as they do over in the States.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

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