An American Actress in London on Kindle

Hey everybody, I've now published the Kindle edition of this blog on Amazon USA so if you'd like to read it on the go you can subscribe here. I also plan to post more frequently to give you more content, maybe as often as once a week. If there's enough demand I'll publish it to Amazon UK as well.

If you have enjoyed An American Actress in London and/or found it helpful please post your reviews and comments on the Kindle page here.

Have any burning questions about bringing your American acting career to London? Any special topics you'd like me to address? Add your comment to this post and I'll do my best to answer them.


Anonymous said…
I have a question, on behalf of myself and another American actor in London. I'm not in any US unions; she is in US Equity and SAG, and UK Equity:

If we get a US job through our UK agents, we're assuming our money comes through our UK agents, converted into £. But:

1-does that require me to join SAG or US Equity in the same way I would if I were in the US? What if one is already a member of UK Equity?

2- For her, does that income count in one's yearly US actors unions income tallies?

3- Actually, is US-based work paid in UK in £, counted as US income, or UK income? Would it make a difference if it were paid in $ to our US accounts? (Sorry you may need to ask an accountant). Which leads us to...

4- Who does your taxes Kosha? Or any recs? We haven't yet found a UK tax accountant here who specialises in actors, and who also knows enough about US tax law to best advise us on issues such as the above, for UK tax. Or vice versa. Help!

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