An American at #LondonSWF 2014

Hey guys,

Tomorrow I am going to the London Screenwriters' Festival 2014 and I'm so psyched. Also a bit terrified, as I've signed up for my first ever PitchFest.

It's one thing to perform a monologue, or even an entire play in front of a bunch of people. It's quite another to try and convince a person with power/money that your work is worth investing in. It will be an experience. Perhaps embarrassing, but definitely enlightening. This might just be a turning point. It's one thing to write alone in my warm, protective little office. And quite another to actually put my scripts in front of real live industry people. But, if I want to one day be a professional I've gotta go through it. Better to get the first time out of the way, learn and move on. I mean, it may actually go well. We shall see.

And if you found this blog because you're at LSF - hey! Thanks for visiting. Drop me line, I'd love to meet other writers.


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