British Mac

I did it. I bought my first British computer. Well, it's a Mac* so not technically British but I ordered if from the Apple Store UK and it comes with a British keyboard and the language is automatically set to “British English”. This is a milestone, a big moment. The native spelling of favor will be favour. Honor will be honour. My favorite applications will become my favourite programmes. Ahhh. I’m switching, I can feel the change. I’ll have to personalise – uh – personaliZe my spell check settings so I have an American English option!

At this moment I’m typing on my American keyboard connected to my old iBook G3, both bought in the US of A. I’m simultaneously excited for the change and lamenting the loss of the old standards. Above the 3, the £ will replace the #. I’ll start calling # “hash” instead of “pound key”. Where will # go, WHERE? And the @ symbol! It’s going to tumble from above the 2 to hang out near the right hand “return” button. The changes the changes.

* If you’re interested, I’m getting myself a brand spankin’ new Dual 2.3Ghz PowerPC G5. (No, not the new ones with Intel, I couldn’t wait till they came out.)


JustMe said…
Oooooohhhhhh...a NEW, British Mac!!! Preeeetttty.

Don't you just love Macs? The way they look, how they're designed...I'm currently working on my beloved American I-mac, and it's great.

Nice blog, Kosha! I can't believe you chanced upon mine! You sent me an email asking if this is the same Justin who is friends with Jeff Maccubbin...and it is!!! Good to see how you're doing, expat! : >

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