What's in a name?

Four posts in and I'm finding koshae.blogspot.com to be a tedious URL for a blog. I need something that's one or more of these: catchy, flashy, indicative of content, amusing.

Obvious domains involoving my name (that are still available):

  • kosha.name - short & easy, yet the .name extension doesn’t yet have the authority of .COM or .NET
  • koshaengler.net or .org - Easy enough to remember, but may be confused with my professional site koshaengler.com. Extensions .us and .co.uk are also available. That’s a tricky one. If I go with .us that indicates it’s an American website, and I’m American, although I no longer live in the states. If I choose .co.uk - common for Brits to have this for their personal sites – I begin to have an identity crisis. Am I saying I’m more Anglo than American? Or maybe I’m just borrowing .co.uk for convenience? In the end does it really matter?

And some others:

  • AmericaninLondon – perfectly descriptive, but a bit boring and there’s another blog called “An American in London”. I can’t be doing with the same name.
  • Yankeeinlondon or Yankinlondon - definitely descriptive but more amusing, the slang is both a term of derision and national pride. In a way appealing to both countries – self-deprecating enough for the UK and cocky enough for the states. I think my choice is made.


Monica said…
Hey now! Don't go stealing my blog title! I'm from PG County, I'll mess ya up!!


Keep blogging!!


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