Americans: Your UK Acting Career Step 1

I said I'd give shortcuts to American actors wanting a career in the UK, so here goes. This entry alone won't be complete, so check back for further details! NOTE: My advice will be somewhat London-centric since I'm basing it on my own experience. (But then London is where the action is!)

OK, so you've visited the UK, or maybe you've never been but always dreamed of coming here, and now you want to explore the acting scene. Here's how to begin...

For official rules, visit the Home Office website.
  1. Easiest: you have dual citizenship or perhaps one of your parents has British nationality or some other country in the EU. Come and go and you please.
  2. Come as a student or intern i.e. in a drama school or through a university study abroad program (how I first came for 4 months). This option may also allow you to work part-time so you can fund your trip! If you're a full-time student BUNAC is a great way to find work or volunteer opportunities in Britain and around the world.
  3. Come as a visitor - as an American you can stay for up to 6 months, but you're not allowed to work or have "access to the public purse". So save up some cash, maybe stay with friends or relatives in the UK and scope out the scene. (This is how I came the second time and got my first serious glimpse of the acting community here.)
  4. Come and work. If you want to earn a living, you'll need a work permit. There are lots of ways to do this. Click here for visas and immigration info.
Coming soon...


Sadie Wilde said…
Nice to see someone in my shoes but 3 steps down the road! Thanks for all the great advice.

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